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Regional Accounts (RA)
Statistics Portugal releases the new series of Regional Accounts (RA) according to the new benchmark of the Portuguese National Accounts, which have 2011 as reference year. This series incorporates methodological changes arising from the adoption of the European System of Accounts 2010 (ESA 2010), from Eurostat’s new Methodological Manual on Regional Accounts and from the use of new structural data, especially the Census 2011 and Census on Agriculture 2009. Comparing to 2012, the last year for which regional accounts were published in the previous benchmark, the GDP was revised upwards in the Autonomous Region of Azores in 1,8%. According to the results of the new series, in 2013, in real terms, the national average of GDP was (-1,4%). The Centro region, with (-1,1%), recorded the lowest decrease, followed by the North and the Autonomous Region of Azores, with ( -1,2%).In nominal terms, current prices, the GDP of Autonomous Region of Azores was up 1,7%, the highest rate of 7 NUTSII regions when the national average was 0,9%.
Tourism - October 2014
Overnight stays spent in the Azorean hotel establishments decreased by 1,2% in October 2014 compared with October 2013. From January to October, overnight stays spent in the Azorean hotel establishments decreased by 0,7% compared with the same period in 2013. Overnight stays spent by residents increased by 6,1% and overnight stays spent by non-residents decreased by 4,2%. Guests registered an increase of 5,3% in October and an increase of 2,4% from January to October. In October 2014, the average stay was 3,21 nights (-6,1%) and the bed occupancy rate stood at 32,6% (-1,6 p.p.). Total revenue decreased by 6,3% and revenue from accommodation decreased by 8,3% in October 2014. RevPar was EUR 18,8 and registered a decrease of 11,7%.
IPC - November 2014
The 12-month average rate of the Consumer Price Index (CPI), was 0,33% in November 2014. The annual rate decreased to 0,38%. The monthly rate was in November 2014 -0,52%.
Farm Structure Survey 2013. A picture with two realities – 2013
Average size of farms went from 8,9 hectares in 2009 to 10 in 2013, getting closer to the national average (13,8 ha) and the EU average (14,4 ha) The farms' economic size in Azores (35,5 thousand Euros of standard output per farm) are above the national average (17,1 thousand Euros) and the EU average (25,0 thousand Euros) managed by farmers with an average age of 56 years, below the national average (64 years old) Farms specialized in animal production represent 59% of the total number The agricultural labor is mainly based in family structures Nevertheless, the great majority of farmers (97.4%) intend to continue practicing agriculture in the coming years, pointing the supplement of the familiar income as the main reason for such decision (43%)
Quarterly Bulletin - 3rd quarter of 2014
The employment estimated for the 3rd quarter of 2014 in Azores, registered a positive evolution (+2,1%) when compared with same quarter of 2013 and 0,3% with the previous quarter. According to the available indicators, the various sectors of Azorean economic activity have shown different behaviours: services sector appeared to have had positive evolution; construction maintained a negative path and agriculture sector indicators have had a mixed evolution.
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