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Tourism - January 2015
Overnight stays spent in the Azorean hotel establishments increased by 34,1% in January 2015 compared with January 2014. Overnight stays spent by residents increased by 22,3% and overnight stays spent by non-residents increased by 54,4%. Guests registered an increase of 30,5% . In January 2015, the average stay was 2,41 nights (2,6%) and the bed occupancy rate stood at 14,0% (3,3 p.p.). Total revenue increased by 18,8% and revenue from accommodation increased by 15,3% in January 2015. RevPar was EUR 7,7 and registered an increase of 11,6%.
Indicator of Economic Activity (IEA - Açores) - January 2015
In January, the IEA - Azores continues to recover, reaching the highest level in two years
Consumer Price Index - February 2015
The 12-month average rate of the Consumer Price Index (CPI), was 0,20% in february 2015. The annual rate increased to 0,41%. The monthly rate was in february 2015 0,00%.
Indicator of Economic Activity (IEA - Açores) - December 2014
With this press release “Destaque”, SREA starts the communication of the Regional short-term Indicator of Economic Activity (IEA- Açores), resulting from the work carried out over the last years with the technical support from INE, that has been publishing an IEA at the national level for several years. The values achieved by the IEA in 2014 were, in general, superior than the corresponding periods in the past two years, except from September to November. In December it was reached the highest value of the last 36 months.
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