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June retail sales index
Foodstuffs increase by 0.23%, constant prices (correct for seasonality and calendar effects) from May. The 12 month average shows a 0.40% decrease of the index value.
The SREA discloses for the first time, results of its monthly survey Cinemas. Information for months is disseminated on the website of SREA and Quarterly Bulletin. In the Azores, in 2014, there were more screenings, more movies, more viewers and more revenue than in 2013.
Inquiry to Horticulture 2014
In this feature, the Regional Statistics Service (RSS) discloses the main results of the Inquiry to Horticulture 2014 (IH 2014). This was the first inquiry to be carried out at the regional level in the area of horticulture in the Autonomous Region of the Azores (RAA).”
Economic Activity Indicator (IAE – Açores) - May 2015
In May, the Composite Coincident Indicator for the Azorean Economy (IAE - Açores) shows the continuation of the growth momentum initiated at the end of last year
Tourism - May 2015
Overnight stays spent in the Azorean hotel establishments increased by 26,6% in May 2015 compared with May 2014. From January to May, overnight stays spent in the Azorean hotel establishments increased by 23,8% compared with the same period in 2014. Overnight stays spent by residents increased by 32,8% and overnight stays spent by non-residents increased by 15,8%. Guests registered an increase of 37,0% in May and an increase of 27,7% from January to May. In May 2015, the average stay was 2,92 nights (-7,6 %) and the bed occupancy rate stood at 44,9% (8,0 p.p.). Total revenue increased by 24,5% and revenue from accommodation increased by 28,0% in May 2015. RevPar was EUR 29,1 and registered an increase of 24,9 %.
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